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Help us Do an even better job!

Utopia Wildlife rehabilitators provides services which are unduplicated in our area, and we are preparing to raise our organization to the next level as we add a new building to help accommodate our needs. The 40'x60' pole building we envision will help centralize animal care and treatment, and our offices, and will help us to better serve the wildlife and people of our region. A more organized, professional facility will help us find and implement additional ways for adults and children of our area to discover and learn about the outdoors. 

  • We can enhance and expand science, ecology and conservation programs currently being taught in our local schools. We partner with the Soil and Water Conservation District and the recycling center, but current offerings in this area are limited.

  • A building will increase our ability to expand our volunteer opportunities and intern programs, and volunteers of all ages will help to staff the center.

  • ​The building and clinic space allows us to continue to build capacity as our wildlife workload grows. We handle wildlife for our city and county animal control agencies at no charge, and currently, wildlife constitutes almost ½ of calls to these agencies. As Columbus grows, wildlife moves into our neighborhoods. The city needs our expert services, consultation and education.

  • We also partner with Purdue University Veterinary School and Purdue's pre vet program to train local college students and interns in wildlife medicine.


Interested? We are in need of all kinds of help. Are you an excavator?a carpenter or electrician? Do you have building supplies, cabinets, or other items we might use.YOUR HELP CAN MAKE THIS DREAM A REALITY. Financial donations are also most appreciated! Utopia needs to grow so that we may continue to make a difference. Your help will assure that this generation and ones to come will have unique opportunities to gain appreciation and care for wildlife and nature. .

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