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                    SPRING IS HERE!
Wildlife babies aren't a DIY project! Every species requires specialized veterinary treatment, diet and socialization
If you should encounter a wild animal or bird who appears to need help, contact a wildlife rehabilitator for advice. Call us at:(812)546-6318 if you are in our area, or see below for the statewide list of rehabilitators.

Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitators is a 501(c)(3) state and federally permitted wildlife rehabilitation facility dedicated to providing expert veterinary care, rehabilitation, and release of native Indiana reptiles, mammals, birds, and birds of prey. Since 2004, we have released thousands of animals back to their native habitat.

We do not accept raccoons, coyotes, and deer.  Please refer to the list below to find an Indiana rehabilitator that may be able to help . 

It's Baby Season!

CLICK HERE to find out what to do if you discover an injured or orphaned baby animal.
​By law in Indiana, sick, injured or orphaned birds and wildlife should be taken to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. If we are not in your area, CLICK HERE to view a list rehabilitators who might be nearby.
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