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Frequently Asked Questions

So you just take care of animals, right?

​Even though we provide expert veterinary care, rehabilitation and release to native birds of prey and wildlife, and are the only facility in the area licensed to do so, we also provide advice and training for our local animal control agencies about wildlife, and help individuals, property owners and businesses deal with wildlife conflict.

We also safeguard human health. Because we constantly have wildlife of all types as patients, we are uniquely able to test and observe for disease which might affect humans. We do disease reporting, such as bird flu, lyme disease, and west nile, for a number of national and international public health agencies.

Where does your funding come from?

We are a 501(c) (3) non-profit, and receive no support from any federal, state or city agency. We support our work through speaker's fees, donations from the public, and grants. There is no charge for the rehabilitation services that we provide.

What good do your programs do?

We are nature educators. Each year we do over 130 interactive wildlife educational programs for over 8,000 people of all ages and demographics. We are involved in science education for seniors, mentally disabled, preschool, and many others. Our main purpose, as we see it, is to create an interest in the outdoors and wildlife, and to help heal the rift between people and nature. Our trained educators can enhance any existing curriculum, or create one for any area of interest, from nature in art, aerodynamics and bird flight, to Indiana history.


What populations do you serve?

We are mentors. This is where we feel we contribute in a truly lasting way. We mentor high school senior projects, student projects at all levels from elementary school to college level, and veterinary and vet tech students. We host and encourage scouting and 4-H service projects. We work with the C4 Building Technology students from BCSC's vocational program. We have collaborations with Atterbury Job Corps, Mill Race Senior Center, Developmental Services, ESL programs, and Community Corrections.


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