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Patient Care

At Utopia we treat dozens of native species, each with its own unique requirements for care, nutrition and housing.  We create a treatment plan for each patient based on its injury, appropriate diet for its stage in life and if required, we provide pain relief, antibiotics, and dietary supplements.  We may do blood testing, x-rays, surgery and other procedures as needed.  Stress, improper handling and housing can cause death, or poor recovery in wild animals and birds.  Our vets, rehabilitators, and volunteers do everything they can to assure that our wild patients are treated in a manner that is as stress-free as possible.


Baby animal care is a large portion of our patient load, and we handle most native species such as squirrels, cottontail rabbits, skunks, opossums, raptors, foxes, groundhogs, and bats.  Each species has specialized requirements for nutrition, and we utilize the most current dietary information and research available. We use zoo formulas and first quality foods for all of our patients.  Our raptor babies (hawks and owls) are raised by non-releasable foster birds.  They teach them all they need to know about socialization, hunting and natural fear of humans.


Many of these animals have complex social needs, and we network with other rehabilitators in our state to find optimal situations for them.  We also receive animals from other facilities in the state.

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